Methodist Women






The United Methodist Women shall be a community of women whose purpose is

  • to know God and to experience freedom as whole persons through Jesus Christ;
  • to develop a creative, supportive fellowship;
  • to expand concepts of mission through participation in the global ministries of the church.

Who is Tabernacle UMW’s “community of women”?

We are a multigenerational group of ladies that get together in many ways:

1. The United Methodist Women (UMW) at Tabernacle have two small group “circles” of women that meet regularly.

  • Rosa Miller Circle meets the first Wednesday of every other month at 10:30 in room 413 at Tabernacle Church.  The Next Meeting will be Aug
  • Dorcas Circle meets the second Tuesday of each month at 1pm at a ladies house.  For info on meeting place contact Sherri Stadtler 540-548-1629

2. Tabernacle UMW has a full group, general meeting, 5 times a year.  Our remaining meetings are:

  • August 11th  3pm in room 413
  • October 13th 3pm in room 413

How does Tabernacle’s UMW strive “To know God”

We participate in worship, bible studies and Sunday school. We also have a book club that meets throughout the year reading different books from the UMW Reading Program.  There are 3books left this year to meet and discuss! Come join us!

  • The Same Sky by Amanda Eyre Ward Discussion August 11th 4;30pm room 413
  • Eleanor: A Spiritual Biography by Harold Ivan Smith Discussion Sept. 8th 4;30pm
  • The Devil Came Down To Chinatown by Christine Taylor Discussion Oct,13 4:30pm


How does Tabernacle’s UMW “develop a creative and supportive Fellowship”?

This year we have hosted a church wide Ladies Tea.  We have meet for lunch downtown at the Micah Café.  We attend circle meetings and general meetings, along with participating in District events such as the Spiritual Day Apart.  More information regarding District events can be found at

We will host a church-wide Advent Luncheon bringing our family together to celebrate the season and focus on how our church is faith, hope and love in action.  The Luncheon in 2019 is Sunday Dec 1, 12:30 in the Fellowship Hall.

 How does Tabernacle’s UMW “expand concepts of mission”?

  • We give to the UMW Pledge to Mission For a comprehensive listing of the mission outreaches this supports go to 
  • We give to Youth With A Mission (YWAM) to support Alexi Worthen, a missionary in Thailand that grew up as a young child at Tabernacle.
  • We help support Spotsylvania Emergency Concerns Association (SECA)
  • We help support Micah Ministries (donations, warmth tree, serving, eating at café)
  • We collect pop top bottle tabs in baskets around the church and give to Empower House which they use to help fund items needed
  • We collect 1st Class used stamps. Fund from this collection are sent onto UMCOR.
  • We read Response Magazine and participate in activism to change laws or help implement laws to help women, children, and youth in our country. We participate in studies regarding social, spiritual, and justice issues of our world.


Questions? Contact Sherri Stadtler 540-548-1629


United Methodist Women Mission Study

In the month of October, Tabernacle UMW will do the Mission Study titled  Women United for Change:  150 Years in Mission.  The study will be each Wednesday in October sarting on October 2 at 10:30 a.m. in room 413.  Please join us to learn about the history of the United Methodist Women and the on-going amazing work they do.  Questions?  Contact Sherri Stadtler at 540-623-6280 or email at  Books will be distributed before the first meeting.

Women Encouraged Group

Are you a woman looking to connect with other women, be lifted in your journey, draw into a deeper faith and touch the lives of others?  Women Encouraged is a new group starting at Tabernacle.  Our first meeting is Thursday October 17th at 7:00 p.m. in room 413.  We are focusing on creating a supportive fellowship, growing close to God, and doing some missions supported by Tabernacle and the United Methodist Women.  Questions?  Contact Sherri Stadtler at 540-623-6280 or email at