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Chapter #403, started in November 2005.

Submit a Request for a prayer quilt

Tabernacle Prayers and Squares Ministry is a ministry about praying.   We make quilts with ties for those who need prayer and healing.  These quilts are prayed over at our church services and the congregation puts a knot in the ties to represent a prayer said for that person.  Prayer quilts are not a surprise as the name of the recipient is shared publicly in all our services to include our live stream service.

To sponsor a prayer quilt for a friend/loved one, please submit a request via email to Kim Wainwright at

When requesting a quilt please make sure you include these four things:

  • Name of the person to receive quilt and the reason for the quilt.
  • That person has given consent to accept the gift of prayer in the form of a quilt.
  • Specific prayer that the recipient would like prayed over this quilt in their own words.
  • Name of person requesting/sponsoring the quilt and contact information.

The link to visit the organizations website is Prayers & Squares (