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Reintroducing Our Very Own TUM Missionary Alexis Worthen
A Missionary through the International YWAM ministry.

Who is Alexis Worthen? Alexis is a Tabernacle UMC member whose family connected with TUM during Alexis’ years as a child and youth. Alexis remained at Tabernacle until she moved into her missionary status.

What is YWAM & why is Alexis a YWAM Missionary?
YWAM trains, supports, and send persons of all ages to be Christian Missionaries. The YWAM missionaries submit monthly ministry reports and an Annual Financial ministry report. YWAM is a registered 501.c.3 non-profit organization. 97% of all YWAM donations go directly to the missionary; with the 3% used to cover organizational operations and missionary care.

YWAM Evangelism to Date: 2000 YWAM Missionaries Worldwide, 105 Nations Reached through YWAM missionaries, and 221 Mission Centers opened. Go to for more YWAM information.

Why is Alexis a Missionary? Under the ministry and leadership of Pastor Steve Hay, Alexis’ faith journey led her to a conviction to share the gospel message and make disciples. Pastor Hey assisted Alexis in answering God’s call to “Go into All the World.” Just as Paul engaged in 3 missionary journeys, the Christian church continues to send short term and long-term missionaries worldwide.

Where is Alexis serving as our missionary? She is in Thailand, Southeast Asia

How long has Alexis been our TUM supported missionary? Alexis has been answering the mission call for the last ten years. What is our financial Commitment to Alexis? TUM groups and individuals provide financial support to Alexis through YWAM. Some choose to provide funds through our TUM account while others give directly to YWAM. Our TUM Mission ministry, the United Women of Faith, and the United Methodist Men provide to Alexis similar to our TUM management, oversight, and support of other ministries like UMCOR, Abokloi, SECA, Micah, RVA Light, and a host of our other mission ministries.

What are Alexis’ mission goals? “…discipleship community in Southern Thailand empowered to fulfill God’s calling.” We are grateful to Alexis for providing ministry updates, most recently published in our July 10th, 17th, 24th, and 31st Weekly Spotlights. Please contact Latonya or go to our web page to see YWAM 2022 Weekly Spotlight ministry updates Alexis has provided. Ministries include (but are not limited to) bible studies, camp events, special programs, discipleship training, fellowship events and more. YWAM also provides on-going training and other resources to Alexis.

How many years do YWAM missionaries remain on site? This is determined through prayer and discernment.

Does Alexis get to come home for visits? The expense of coming home diverts funds from the ministry, so Alexis has not returned home in the last 3 years.

How can we best support & help Alexis NOW? 1) Prayer!! & 2) Financial support. 3) Tell family and friends about this amazing young woman. Alexis uses our financial support for living expenses like housing, food, utilities, clothing, medical care, continued education, transportation, and other needs. YWAM provides info on medical care providers.


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